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Fears of Relapse



New member
Nov 15, 2018
My fear of relapsing is eating away at me :

Everyday is rooted in control. If I'm in control I won't relapse. I watched over my tv limit today, it is racking me with paranoia. It makes me physically sick to think I could relapse into depression . I shouldn't have watched more than my limit but always being in control it's exhausting #Phobia

I am just so terrified, if I relax, even for just a few hours, I'll relapse.


Well-known member
Jul 11, 2018
Always having it on your mind and not relaxing isn't a good thing, honestly, it sounds to me that you may already be depressed again you just dont know it or will admit it to yourself.
Please go doctors and get help, go see a therapist, if they don't help talk to someone about how you feel because living like that is not really good or living at all.
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