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Fear of semen



New member
Apr 18, 2020
I was masturbating one day and I noticed semen had leaked through my shorts and gotten onto my chair. I can’t remember if I cleaned it right away or not, but I know I have for sure cleaned it. I fear that people have sat on the chair before I cleaned it and they have sat somewhere else and gotten semen on their clothes and other furniture. What should I do?


Well-known member
Apr 1, 2020
United States
Hi xPhantomThiefx,

I've had thoughts like these too. "Oh no. I just touched the bathroom door handle and I didn't wash my hand. What if someone touches it and gets a disease?" Yours is no different.

What I want you to understand about this fear is that it's an O.C.D. thought. You're obsessed about the thought. It keeps returning to your mind. It makes you feel like you're a bad person and it's the end of the world. That's O.C.D. and believe me, it's not fun. But you can get through this.

Allow the fear in. Go logically from the source of that fear. So what if a person gets semen on their hands? They won't know it and they won't blame you. And even if they did know it, guess what? You can handle it. And next time, you'll be more careful. If you forget to wash your hand, it's not the end of the world.

Be okay with the fear that someone might touch semen. It's okay. Embrace it and, as Elsa would say, "Let it Go."

Many people these days I'm sure are scared of touching something and unknowingly passing on Covid-19. Your fears are quite normal. Just detach them from your thoughts and move past them.

You are a good person, regardless of your mistakes. Understand that. Love yourself. You'll get through this.

Good luck and stay safe!
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