Fear of my own pulse



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Oct 25, 2018
This is kind of bizarre, but I would have meltdowns when I was a child when I had to get shots. When I got paper-cuts, I'd become hysterical. I haven't been able to take my pulse since I was twelve and first learned about aneurysms. When I have bruises on my hands/feet, I start worrying about internal bleeding even though I know that's logically ridiculous (I was seventeen when I had that panic attack). When I get cuts on my arms, I start worrying about dying from blood loss. I hate thinking about my blood vessels, because it makes me feel like they're going to suddenly explode, and then I start feeling claustrophobic and trapped. It's really weird and stupid, because having a pulse is a good thing, right? My parents have laughed at me, and so have a couple of my friends. I just need to get this out somewhere that I feel like I won't be judged for such a strange fear.
burt tomato

burt tomato

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Jul 8, 2013
The human body is tough and resilient. Try to calm your fears.
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