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Fear of losing a close friend



New member
Apr 24, 2016
Hello everyone im new to the forum here and have joined to try and receive help and give help also. I suffer with anxiety and depression and have done for many years but recently it feels as if anxiety has gotten a lot worse.

To get straight to the point im in constant fear and worry that im going to lose my best friend. I have been friends with a person for close to three years now and we have grown very close over the years and we speak nearly all the time but recently it seems to me like they have become very distant with me. We still speak at the same amount as we used to but the conversations now just seem more bland and a little distant. I have spoken with them about this but they say everything is ok and nothing to worry about all at the same time though still seeming distant. I never want to lose them out of my life and made a promise to them and myself that i would never leave and will always stay by their side. How do i move past this anxiety over this and does anyone have any helpful tips or advice or shared similar experiences in the past?. Thank you. Best regards Alan.


Well-known member
Jun 6, 2014
South west
It could be that your anxiety is making you more sensitive to the nuances of conversations, or it could be that your anxiety is spillimg over into your relationship. I have been going over some old files, and found a letter from my husband begging the mental health team to take me into hospital so that he could have a respite from me. IMO mental health can cause strain in relationships.


Active member
Apr 18, 2016
As Poopy Doll, asked you above. I had similar trouble and I was tired of thinking about this issue everyday until I gathered courage enough to ask my best friend, how I actually felt and trust me I was really afraid since losing a close friend is heartbreaking.. I'm just glad that I went with this talk with her and I feel relieved for now even though I know, I will get these negative thoughts that will haunt me again. Sometime you just have to make these talk with your friends over and over. Also :welcome:


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Jan 2, 2012
Hi alan and welcome to the forum! :welcome:
Anxiety definitely makes you feel super sensitive so it may not be a problem at all. However its normal to drift in and out of friendships, i know i don't always speak to my friends in ages but as soon as we talk its like we've never been apart.
try not to read too much into it.


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Aug 8, 2018
Las Vegas
I feel that every day. I work with some friends who really accept me . They also diagnosed with similar disorder with me. But they are the most reason why i can stop my medication. And losing then is the only thing I fear now..:nod2::nod2::panic::panic:


Well-known member
Dec 9, 2007
The World
@Alan_T I have just read this, and I was wondering how the situation played out. What did you do? Are you still friends with the person you wrote about?

@Forcas you are fortunate there. How did that come about?
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