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Fear of Job



New member
Feb 10, 2019
Los Angeles
Hi, everyone. My name is Jessica. I’m a new member here.

I just want share my phobia of getting a job.
I have never heard about this kind of phobia before. I never know that I have it.

Now, I realised that I have this phobia for years.
I’m struggling to find a job, because I’m afraid of failing my tasks & can’t be under pressure.

Years ago, I tried to work at fast food restaurants, but only worked for 1 day each job. After that, the bosses said they didn’t want me to work anymore, because I was slow.

Every time people asked me if I have a job, I always say that I’m helping my mom running her janitorial business.

However, my mom is pressuring me to take a job in Alaska, which one I hesitate to take.

I don’t know what would happen if the boss decided that he or she didn’t want me.
I would be alone & broke in Alaska.

Nowadays, I’m thinking about suicide and self-harm all the times.

I need help to over come my phobia.


Mar 7, 2012
I don’t quite sound like your scenario but have lately developed a phobia of going to work after being off sick. It’s a strange one for me