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Fear of expected loud noises/sudden things



New member
Mar 2, 2020
Hi everyone

I have a phobia that I've had for as long as I can remember that has certainly caused plenty of stress and anxiety over the years: a fear of anything big + sudden that is EXPECTED such as a loud noise.

A main example- This fear played havoc throughout school with the fire alarms, but only when they were expected. Eg.:
  • If I had completely no idea that a fire alarm would go, I would be fine when it went.
  • If I was told it would go off within a certain timescale, I would panic.
    • The longer the timescale, the worst, as it meant the longer I would sit there panicking.
  • If I knew the exact second it would go, I would be fine.
It is almost like a fear of being made jump I suppose, except as I say it is fine if completely unexpected.

I hate having the phobia and it gets in the way of so much; anyone have any solutions perhaps?

Thank you in advance. :)

Mister_Fabulous formerly BetaMale

Well-known member
Aug 17, 2018
You seem to be anxious about hearing loud sounds. Meditation, in particular sound meditation, is likely to help.

See www.wakingup.com for a cool meditation app.


Active member
Apr 9, 2020
yea i can relate I have a fear of footsteps, when i hear footsteps in the house i get a shot of terror down my spine its horrible.
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