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Fear of Death and the Body



New member
Oct 20, 2014
Been going through a tough time. Would appreciate any advice.

1. Disgust of Body

Anyone ever felt uncomfortable about the body. If you think about all the parts and and blood swirling around, it's pretty discomforting.

2.Fear of Dying

I'm terrified of dying (dying, not death). And saddened by all the decay. I see it people I love who are growing older.

From Big Think
"Many Americans are dying tether to machines, actually having their arms restrained so they don’t pull out their breathing tubes and the like, similarly 50% of people dying in hospitals, and 30% or so in nursing homes. "

Thanks for any advice
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Well-known member
Jul 8, 2013
1. Fear of the body.

I am not afraid of my body. It is a wonderful machine. There is a lot of info on keeping it in good condition. Eating well - good meals, and being active is all you need.

2. Fear of death.

I do still fear death. But the fear does not cripple me anymore. I believe we do have something, we are made of something, and the body is like well fitting clothes. Simply I feel that when we die, we go to our eternal home.