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Fear of being sick in public



New member
Dec 19, 2019
Hi everyone! I'm totally new to this so excuse any mistakes etc., I happened to find this website through Googling my phobia and thought I might find someone who has experienced the same thing as me!

Ever since I was about 6 years old (I'm 19 now) I have always had a fear of being sick in public, being sick alone or at home does not frighten me at all, and even the physical act of being sick doesn't scare me, it's purely the 'in public' part that does. I've gone through periods where it has effected me for months/years and then have managed to get over it again by myself but this year it's been possibly at it's worst. I'm finally starting to get help for it and have been put on medication, but no one around me seems to understand the phobia. It's the whole feeling trapped/like I can't escape a situation/location that makes the whole fear perpetuate as well, and restaurants are my idea of absolute hell, I'll do anything and everything in order to stay away from them. As soon as I enter anywhere that I think might trigger the whole feeling sick thing off I always work out where the nearest exit is, or where the nearest private place I could be sick is, this helps to lessen the fear slightly too. I also fainted whilst shopping last year due to not eating beforehand - which I'd done my whole life until this point - another method of avoiding being sick, if there's nothing to sick up then it won't happen, right?! And now a fear of passing out has been added into the mix. I never want to call my fear Emetophobia, in case it's not that as I'm not scared of being sick itself, it's just the 'in public' part, I was just wondering if anyone else has ever had a similar experience or suffers with the same type of thing?

Thanks in advance!


Well-known member
Nov 10, 2019
I'd rather vomit than have the runs in public or wet myself. I used to worry about people hearing me on the toilet in a big rest room, but i don't care now. Nobody would care they would just move away from you. Someone was sick next to me once in a queue and i knew she was going to be sick. She kept saying to her boyfriend she felt sick and didn't feel well, and he didn't do much. I knew it and she was! I gave her my water and tissues.