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Fear negative thoughts



New member
Dec 17, 2009
ok I'm talking to people something comes up that reminds me of something I feel bad about. My mind tells me "i'm bad" no one is like me, you are different not the same. Because 20 some yrs ago I ate in the bathroom in HS and ate eggrolls for a few weeks cuz i didnt have anyone to sit with. So now I don't eat eggrolls and when someone jus now talked about them my thoughts were very negative towards myself. Is this normal? How can I change? Because I feel this and then want to run from the conversation!


Well-known member
Nov 23, 2008
Bonnie Scotland
i think that it is quite common for this to happen. it is just a link in your memory taking you back to a crappy time. like the smell of some of my shower gel takes me back to being in hospital and i hate that smell now.

hope you are ok x
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