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Fear I will never get better



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Aug 8, 2018
The mental health stigma is currently at its worst ever. My family doesn't understand a single thing about my situation. It doesn't matter how much I talk to them about it. My option is to sign myself into my local mental healthcare center. This could potentially give me a supportive environment. However, what else will this give? They will probably just hire up a psychologist whose job is to question my suicidal feelings and convince me to get a more positive outlook on life or give me a convincing reason to keep living. And my doctor may be useless. He seems to be the kind of guy who is just comfortable prescribing me drugs and giving me sick leaves over and over again. It's been so many years and still nobody understands my situation at all. So why I should I keep going?
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Dec 18, 2018
Hampshire sunny South coast .
Hi Mexis
It sounds like you are doubtful that friends /family , the mental heakth service or your GP will ever be able to provide you meaningful help ?
I must say my first thought is that you could may be try and find a new GP ? They are or should be gateway service to help you find support.

I wonder if the answer to your main question "so why I should I keep going?" Is within you and not others ?
I apologise because sometimes I don't convey empathy when I write , It is there though and I send you best wishes.