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fear and strength



Well-known member
Oct 10, 2009
London, UK
please excuse the pointlessness of this.
I'm feeling really awful today, so bad that i decided to quit work now rather than wait 2 more weeks to be made redundant. Even though everyone was nice about it i felt like they were against me. Peering round the side of the door watching me as i was forced to talk about how i felt like i was some kind of hired entertainment.
Feeling terrified all day, crying like a baby in the shop, hiding from customers until i could draw up enough courage to talk to my boss. and now that im home nothing feels real. I dont even know if i made the right decision but im just glad im not there right now. I really hated that job.

I wanted to say that im really thankful for this forum, it's given me a place to come in my darkest moments that feels safe when im panicking or sad. Even being able to just read peoples experiences makes it feel like im protected from the outside world + understood. It doesnt always make me feel better but i dont think thats important. If i didnt have this i would be cutting probably so im very grateful.


Well-known member
Nov 23, 2008
Bonnie Scotland
hey sounds like you've had a pretty rubbish day. glad this forum helps you, it is good to be able to come on and get things off your chest. your post isn't pointless, it is helping you to get it all out, so that is a good thing.

hope you feel a bit brighter soon x

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