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fasting for depression?



Dec 7, 2009
I was wondering if anyone had tried fasting as a healing process, there are many testimonials that its a spiritual experience, i personally am an atheist (although i have fasted for religious reasons in the past but I dont believe in it anymore) but i know faith is an important factor in overcoming hurdles-mental illness being a rather large one!
I tried fasting for a few days but I've found that over a few days I start to get incredibly frustrated, depressed and not even that tired but on a major 'low'. I would like to know if anyone has tried fasting and their experiences, especially emotions related to it

i also posted this thread in the ED forum, the two areas are combined

((I have been recently considering using fasting as a tool to overcome eating addiction and also for physical healing. I have researched that water fasting and juice fasting are ways to give your body time to heal itself, and the less you put into yhour body the faster the process. I've fasted before (for religious reasons.. ugh) and attempted a two day fast recently however on the night of the 2nd day... last night actually, i found that all i could think about was the foods i turn to for comfort. i felt incredibly depressed and incredibly miserable, i suffer from depression anyway and realised that because im in college doing a levels the stress im going through came out clearer in my mind when i was fasting
im sorry if that doesnt make sense!
i just want to know if anyone has tried fasting as a cure, not to lose weight but to achieve mental clarity and healing, how their experience was and if its ever helped overcome food addiction? i've read testimonials online but its difficult to decipher whats true and whats exaggerated.
i want to fast to lose a bit of fat iv put on through comfort eating and hopefully to break a cycle of binge eating i'm going through, so that i can learn to function in a 'non-drugged' state, i feel like my entire life revolves around my issues with eating and its getting incredbily frustrating!!! its hard to make my close friends understand because i went the complete other end of the scale last year and lost a lot of weight, im not anorexic at all, im not underweight and i love eating- thats the problem! my ED is non descript, i think i've partially covered all areas ))

enough rambling! just wondering -in short- has anyone tried fasting and what were your experiences like? how long, mood swings etc. =]


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Oct 20, 2009

I dont fast as you have described it, but I dont eat when I get in some depressed staites... I will tell you that it is not good, esp doing it on a regular basis, in the end you get stomoc problems,..

.. also that euphoric staite can be caused by a lack of sugar in you blood...

.. the only thing I have hear consistantly is a "healthy" diet, all things in moderation, and plenty of fresh fruit and vegatables...

... if you want to lose the extra weight, try regular exersise, which is also said to be helpful for depression ....

... in all not a good idea to try and controle your depression with diet..

.... boB ........ :eek:


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Feb 2, 2010
North wales.
My therapist told me High fibre, low fat is good to help mood swings. Not eating at all causes a massive loss of iron and sugar (not to mention all the other nutrients we need to survive). Iron you need for healthy blood count low blood count causes anemia (spelling?) and low sugars cause fainting and dizzy spells. Also, not eating will make you feel even worse because your hungry. Exercise is a great way to get you into a better mood. Swimming I find is the best way (personally). It helps you lose any extra weight because you use pretty much your whole body while swimming and also it's fun. I love the water in indoor pools in the evening when it's quiet my pool does lane swimming only times for about 2 hours every other day. Stay positive :) I know it sounds hard to do this but really it will help. x


I think depression is like any other pain physical or emotional feedback mechanisms that's critical for our survival. And My view is that the loss of interest in normally pleasurable activities, sense of withdrawal, etc is nature's way of taking your attention away from the outside superficial world and onto yourself, your desires, your expectations, and where your life is off track.


not into fasting !!
Had a female friend who nearly died because she became fixated on fasting !!
Think it can only be done under strict medical supervision ???


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Dec 6, 2009
Interesting article. Though personally I get really moody when I'm hungry so I'd be interested to if i got that tranquil feeling the article mentions!
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