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family life and cd?



:(:(hi all,
i'm new here and looking for some direction. my husband has cd/ptsd since june of 06.
we have 2 kids under 9 years old. i'm worried about them and their well beeing. i find myself smiling less and less and staying is getting harder all the time. the apathy and disconnection is driving me mad. and i have noticed my anger slowly turning into indifference, which scares me because that is not an emotion. the posts i have read seem to be single people???
my refuge is riding horses where i forget about it all.
i really need some feedback, plz help.

weary mum

New member
May 17, 2009
south coast
Hi godewind, I cant imagine how you manage with your husband suffering as it is my daughter that has CD. She was diagnosed 18 months ago, and there are many ups and downs. I find it hard to organise our lives as you never know when and what symptom will show next. She has been having pschotherapy for a year now, which has certainly helped. Also cranial sacral therepy from an osteopath,who trats her to release stress that readily builds up in her body and amongst other things causes her a lot of pain. It is a huge strain on the whole family but we all try to help each other cope.
I do find talking on this forum helps as you know that you are no longer alone. Best of luck. Weary mum



Sounds as though you need a break. ask for one. Is your husband having any treatment? Ask his nurse or G.P. about a carer's break , and also your anxiety about the childen. It is probable that some adjustment can be made. Write down your needs before you get an assessment as it is often difficult to put things into words at an interview. Let us:) know how you get on.

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