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Falling in love



Oct 10, 2014
Hello everyone
I would like to share my short story with you and get some opinions, advices and help about something that happened the last few days of my life.
To get straight to the point ( I'm a guy 25 years old ) I met a tourist girl in my place that came for a vacation and I couldn't expect it as it started from a simple 'first date', as two totally strangers ( me and her ), to have such an experience. We both fall in love with each other and we just spend 3 days together that I seem I can't forget. As I'm thinking about it now it feels like it was a short quick dream that happened in my life and now it faded away. Without being able to realize how it all happened, without wanting to accept it's 'over'. It wasn't my first kiss, it wasn't my first date at all but it's all about how something happens. It's about what kind of person you are with and how they behave, treat you and in general how romantic it gets. We kissed each other in the second day however I feel it like a fairytale memory now, maybe because I haven't had a similar 'experience' with another girl in my life that includes an anticipation and escalation in such a romantic way. I wasn't even sure that a kiss would happen and once it happened I felt so happy that I accomplished a great thing, thinking that 'It is reality now'. I had sexual contact or getting close with other girls ( not this kind of 'adventure' ) but it didn't cause me this feeling. That's one main reason but also the fact that I'm emotional and romantic as a person. What makes everything magical is the fact that I wasn't certain about if I kissed her she would want it, instead of knowing for sure the next actions are obvious and it's like an open book. It was also about her as a whole person that made me feel this way, including the way she looked at me or about her character and pretty much all the intimate moments ( cuddles, kisses ) we had. We went to romantic places the 2 times as well. We talked about me and her and she admitted she perceived it emotionally as well so that made it even worse since the time we had to say goodbye. It has been 3 days since the last day and I can't stop thinking about her and the moments we had, I cried 5-6 times at least so far and I can't find a solution about it. Time will definitely help but I just can't accept it as something that came, caused me such a serious emotional impact and ended. Everything in life isn't permanent but I can't believe it's over, remembering all the little things that still make me wanna cry. Like I said, it's about the way that something happens and who you deal with, it's about how it all progressed and how mysterious it started, how sweet I perceive it in my mind as a whole story at this point that I'm alone. I also don't know if I should reveal these thoughts and feelings considering they might be too deep and straightforward for the girl if she knows them and makes the situation worse, like pressure her. I have told her I shed tears and how I felt the last day and she said she felt the same but I can't decide if I should open my self that much. There's a lot in my mind for sure and pretty much a lot of details about this story but can't write a whole book at this point so in case I've forgotten to mention something or you wonder about something else let me know. I would like to get your opinions/advices/thoughts/similar experiences and anything you have to say to help about this situation. Thank you so much in advance for reading this and sorry for the long text but I couldn't dedicate a few lines for something that made me cry many times..


Well-known member
Jan 5, 2011
It sounds as though you threw yourself into this body and soul and were surprised that she didn't in the end. I don't know what to suggest as I can feel that you are in some pain with her leaving you. Was this a holiday romance? I think you said it was but I can't remember.

I think its given you some confidence to meet other girls though and she must have seen something in you so others will too.