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Faking DID?



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Aug 25, 2015
Unfortunately, in my opinion, therapists can and do tell people they suffer from DID when they dont (the therapist's status goes up by working with different "unusual" disorders. I believe that Narcissistic therapists lap this up. There are also therapists out there who suggest things. For example it was suggested to me in the first session that I was a victim of child prostitution because I questioned the DID! therapist 's intention on writing a book about me (which she did with another client). She told me I was abused as a child because I didnt wear a watch etc.
When I went onto a forum for childhood abuse survivors and asked for support and guidance, I received an email shortly after from this DID therapist telling me she read my post on a forum she is a member of (and reads!) and that she will no longer work with me because I "broke confidentiality". Of course, I did (and can) not break confidentiality as my posts where anonymous on all levels, but this therapist knew that I wouldnt take her BS and I questioned her. So she told me in an email she would not continue working with me.
So, I believe that unfortunately there are therapists out there who gain an awful lot by people being DID.

".I don't think it's as rare as what people believe,but also don't believe it's as common as it's presented online."
I am sure there are therapists that tell clients they have it when they don't,and want to seek recognition and/or fame from it.I was just stating that I don't think true DID can be created by a therapist.Fake,yes,true DID,no.
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Sep 24, 2016
on another planet
Hi ,I am new to the forum.I joined because I saw this post and desperately wanted to reply.I have just left another forum specifically because of this problem.I cannot tell you how frustrating and upsetting I have found it. These people are normally self diagnosed,have absolutely no idea what having DID is like and only report to having 'parts 'and none of the other symptoms/problems of having DID.
I am really glad this is being talked about.There are many of us that are truly sick of this happening all over the internet on forums. why DID? if you tell them that they could be a borderline with 'parts ' too , they dont seem to want that DX ..sorry for the rant .Probably not great for a first post I will admit .But a huge thank you for bringing to light and talking about it .Some of us are really sick of it .It makes a mockery out of what we are suffering day in , day out.DID is not fun.It's a nightmare .
I also wanted to add that people were banned after admitting that they were indeed faking having the diagnosis.So it is happening.
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Oct 6, 2016
It's too bad the last post was a month ago. :(

I don't have DID but i do have some issues somewhat related and there doesn't seem to be a place for me.

No fellow Borderlines seem to have any idea what i am on about and there isn't too much information available online that i can find.


I have not been on here but some time and this was the first post I looked at on my way back. I have DID personally, clinically diagnosed multiple times (and life long punishment) but I can not see why people would fake it its not something that is "cool" in any way. Its said to be a survival started by an intelligent abused child in short, however people with it would know just how much it is a terrible thing overall and would (i personally) would not flinch at a bargain for a cure. Saying that I have met a fair load of people that do in my search to find a kindred I can talk to on a level ground that understands. Honestly internet sites are not the best example or to find alike people, there are many trolls that appear for funzies on mental health sites- very much experience on other MH sites I have been on.


New member
Dec 25, 2018
Please help.
When I met M she was just being released from the custody of West Virginia it was 1998
Prior to meeting M I had spoken with her in ICQ she at the time tried to convince me she had a dieing Aunt and was attempting to convince me to provide her transportation to be with her Aunt.
Later M would tell me the truth that she was attempting to go to be with an abusive boyfriend.
M presented herself to me as someone who had been horrifically abused by her boyfriend.
The stories included he left her in a basement for a long period of time.
He once in the dead of winter tied her to a tree and left her for a long time
He at another time took a socket wrench and used it on her as if he was fingering her and raped her with it.
Another story that was consistent they were in a massive car wreck she was ejected from the front seat of a car thru the windshield.
Early on in our relationship M told me she wanted a master.
When M described her child hood she was severely abused.
Stories included she came home from school she would be taken to her room and locked in the room with a pad lock on the outside of the door.
She was essentially a prisoner in her parents house.
Another story of her life she was raped growing up and when telling her parents they told her it was her fault entirely
M spent the early years of our life distressed and upset ,because her sister was losing her rights as a parent.
The state would eventually step in and take custody of her sisters kids and completely severe the rights as the mother.
Attempting to help M I would invest every single resource I had in an attempt to help her get custody
As I am writing this it seems that our relationship has been M focuses on something and I spend every ounce of energy I have attempting to help M achieve her goal.
I was obsessed with sex. I forced M and I into an open marriage. On our honeymoon I spent every free minute attempting to have a 3 way or some form of a sexual experience that did not focus on just michelle and myself.
Over the years I would spend many days and weeks and hours attempting to have sexual experiences with other guys as I was a bisexual male.
M would spend a large amount of her time trying to control me and catch me in lies.
Things that also took places as the years went by M’s sister T would always talk to her about a man named R. Initially R was presented to me as a friend of M’s as time progressed I would learn that R was more than a friend to M he was actually a romantic / sexual interest for M.
One specific incident comes to mind while in Wv. Her mom and stepfather were in the city we lived in. It was in the dead middle of a huge winter storm. Her mother from my perception has always been a very evil person. While M and I were attempting to get custody of her sisters kids her Mom was stuck with a flat tire. I asked M if I should go to help her mother and she told me no I should not. I told her stepfather that I would not help them because of how M’s mom had been treating her. Later M would tell her mother she begged me to go and help them. The result of this situation was that I was banned from her mom’s house for over three years.

Only in the past year or two have I once more began to question the reality I live in. It would seem from a one time conversation I had with M’s mom that M was consistently telling her family one story or version of our life events while telling my family an entirely different version of life events.
M swore to me as the years went by nothing ever occurred between her and R it was not until around 2011 M one day in casual conversation M made a Freudian slip. She even at this point made every effort to deny this ,but even for her it was beyond clear that she could no longer deny this.
As the years went by I found myself starting to question did this boyfriend truly inflict all these horrible unspeakable acts.
There was a period of time M would anger me and I would refuse to hit her or physically attack her. I often instead would punch a wall or get in a car and leave until I could calm down. One time in particular M angered me to a point I put my fist thru a glass curio and as a result suffered permeant nerve damage.
M eventually had a situation occur in which she would require back surgery. This back surgery would be her first surgery among a total of three. These surgeries would also cause her to develop an addiction to opioids that would eventually lead to her going into Detox and rehab.
A particular moment of interest after her second or perhaps 3rd back surgery our son was having ear tube surgery done. We were living with her brother. Her surgery had been over for several months. M was often limping or expressing she was in severe pain. During the time our son was having surgery my step father walked passed her and I guess she didn’t realize it was him and he spoke about how she was walking and acting as if she had no issues at all. When he did this her brother decided to speak up and told all of us in the middle of a waiting room hospital that when everyone else was sleeping M would be up moving and perfectly normal. When M came to the waiting room I asked her about this and she in spite of a room with over 300 people looked to her brother screaming what the fuck dude your my brother and suppose to have my back.
From that point on M was cured of her physical health issues.
Also in this time period there was a time M was placed in the hospital for 10 days she was severely sick every single imaginable test was performed. She would during this time fire the doctor and eventually be released with no solution. She was also in this time period suggested and had several family members convinced she was diagnosed with lugerig disease which also clearly was not true.
In 2012 M went into hospital she was addicted to opioids to the point she was averaging one pain pill per hour. While in this place she meet a man named F who she attempted to have sex with and nearly succeeded but staff stopped her and him at the last minute. When M was released she spent the next 3 months looking for this man and he became an obsession for her. She initially told me she was having sex with a woman it was weeks later I discovered it was not a woman. M would disappear for hours and days at a time with this man.
During this time period I was unemployed we were living with her brother. He was a weed smoker and someone who got SSI. M convinced him to give her over $300 cash and later we were told that M was robbed. There was a point after all of this we would be told M made the entire being robbed story up so that she could take the cash to F the man she had meet in hospital.
M was obsessed with this man. I was terrified of losing my marriage. I actually one evening harmed myself and fabricated a story that this man and I had a violent altercation. This seemed to work enough to help get rid of this person. It wouldn’t be until YEARS later I learned that M had stalked this person ,because he had told her he was not interested in her. M had made multiple different Facebook accounts attempting to renew her relationship with him.
After this occurred M’s sister would move in with us. Again we had no solid source of income. M’s sister convinced her to meet a man who would pay her for sex. We already had an open marriage so this was not a stretch for us.
I eventually would get the job I have now. I left Wv for training and during the time I was in training there was a man who was in our neighborhood. I had called him and M and would tease asking if they had sex. M eventually did have sex with him he played her and got her pregnant with our second child. He also was able to steal M’s wedding ring and a ring that had belonged to my grandmother. M to this day and time will deny she loved this man ,but there is no doubt In my mind that she did love him.
Once our marriage was on very bad terms. At that time I attributed this to 5 years of unemployment. Today I do not believe that to be the case. In this past 6 months I have learned M never stopped prostitution in fact she took it to the next level. In 2014 she would begin using backpage and craigslist to further perform prostitution. I found a video from 2014 that is 30 seconds long. She in the video says hello guys its me I just wanna prove to you all I am real. She goes on to show her tits and then the video stops.

In 2014 our second child C would be born. Several other things would also take place in this period of time. M’s stepfather or most significant male role model would die of a heart attack. She attempted to get to Wv before he died but he passed before she could get there. Not only did he pass away but she would also eventually start using Crystal Meth, Crack, and Coke. She was doing this and at one point would brag to me that she on a slow day averaged having sex with a minimum of 6 men per day. M would in this same time period be 8 months pregnant and go thru a tornado at and the hotel she was in was demolished.
After all of this took place our oldest son told us he was molested by another boy while M was asleep and I was out of town. Our oldest son also stated there was a week of time he survived the entire week eating nothing but pudding because M was doing all the different drugs she was.

When all of these events took place I took our oldest child to my parents in Wv. I also took our newborn / 2 year old son C to my brother. They remained with family while M entered into Detox and rehab. I kept M with me during this time until she made a choice to enter into a facility for help. This period of time took from probably November until January. The week before Thanksgiving I was in a situation where M stayed alone in a hotel for a 24 hour period. She went out to smoke a cigarette while smoking came across a man and asked if he wanted to have sex. They went back to the hotel room and had sex and our youngest son was conceived.
M upon entering Rehab argued and fought the entire scenario. She made many efforts and attempts to get herself released from Detox. She was almost at the time successful in convincing me she and the unborn child were in mortal danger.
Upon her release we moved to another area. She there meet her friend S. Her and S would spend the next two years doing suboxone and many other forms of drugs. M also enlisted neighborhood kids to watch our children while she would have men over from backpage and craigslist so she could get drugs or cash. She did this so much that our oldest son would at times say hey mom make an add so that you can get cash and order me a pizza.
I have only touched barely the surface of issues and I have also not specifically discussed a lot of the things I personally have done that have been detrimental or harmful to M. I can say that in writing this out it has helped me to realize that M has used every single possible deep fear I have against me at some point in time.
Part of what has lead me to write this out is conversations with my mother. M spent a good deal of time before she left specifically researching Disassociate Disorder and Split personality. My mother who is a retired school counselor she and I have discussed this at length. We have discussed could M have an actual split personality. However we have also discussed is this just the latest medical condition that M now perceives she has and is making it a reality.
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Jan 30, 2019
new Zealand
I have done a lot of reading,have browsed many forums(not talking about this place though) and it is hard for me to believe there are truly as many people with DID that claim they have it.

Something I have noticed is the vast amount of people that make it seem/sound like DID is a fun or cool disorder to have,even turn it into a contest over who has the most insiders.

But this isn't a post with the intention of criticising or judging anyone(although it probably sounds like I am).I am just curious WHY anyone would fake it or even brag about it.

It is so obvious sometimes when someone is faking for attention,but WHY would they do that?

I am diagnosed with DID (dissociative identity disorder).

I dont know why anyone would find it fun. Firstly it generally stems from unspeakable abuse, trauma and fear from childhood. Secondly, if you lose time it can be terrifying. It feels as though you blink and suddenly you're somewhere different.

I fell asleep in bed last night and "woke up" waist deep in a river a mile from my house. There is absolutely nothing fun about that.

I hope this answers your question.