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Failed by the mental health services



Dec 15, 2017
Hi everyone, it's my first time posting so please bear with me.

After having my son eight months ago, I found myself completely lost in depression. I ended up being admitted into hospital on boxing day last year, I was then discharged but re-admitted in February. Both times that I was admitted, no help was given bar a change or increase in medication but no further action plan was sorted for when I was discharged.

Since then I've struggled, I've been like a yo-yo, up and down but constantly struggling. My partner has had to leave his dream job to care for me but nothing is getting better.

I'm very suicidal and my partner rang the crisis team concerned but they said they couldn't help me as I hadn't tried to commit suicide on this occasion.

I feel as though there is no help and no hope. The mental health services has repeatedly let me down and has shown me that I have no chance of getting better. I feel sad because I will be leaving behind an amazing partner and three absolutely loving and beautiful children that deserved so much better. I'm bitter because I didn't get the help that I tried so hard to get and I now have no choice but to stop everyone suffering.


:welcome: to the forum. Sorry they let you down. Please don't attempt suicide! How sweet of your husband. Can you try different providers? Good luck. Keep us posted.


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Dec 21, 2012
Another planet
Hi, I am so sorry you are feeling so awful. Are you still with the CMHT. You do need ongoing support. Also sometimes counselling can help a bit. Please keep writing here. That can help too, just having somewhere to write how you are feeling.


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Jan 4, 2013
If the crisis team won't help you, I'd advise phoning 111 or go to A/E where an onduty psychiatrist will see you.
Please don't take your life, your children couldn't do better. You are poorly right now and can't help your feelings.
Have you ever tried the Samaritans?
You don't need to attempt to get help.
You have been let down, you should be given an care co-ordinator usually an CPN.
Who will see you regularly and do a care plan for you.
We can support you on the forum by listening and advising you.
Has your health visitor supported you? They should be visiting you regularly and listening.
Hope you feel better soon
Take care


Hello Wish-away.

Please as you name suggests don't wish your life away.

Often the medical service fail us because they have such large work loads or they are just more concerned about hitting their targets !

I have lost friends in the past due to drug abuse and I know how devastating it is for their families left behind , depression will often leave you in a lonely isolating place and you can see no way out.

Please talk to us on the forum to help you through this low point of your life .


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Aug 21, 2015
I know how you feel the mental health service in my area has never been any use. Mind is a lot better. You can not get in even as a voluntary patient with clinical depression. You can only get help if you try a serious suicide attempt which is crazy in itself! They will only do home treatment because of the bed shortage. In my area a large number of beds were taken over by elderly care which has cut the beds down even more!
If you do get in I hear it is not always good so I guess luck has much to do with it. I hope you are seeing more light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck.
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