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failed at everything



Feb 21, 2021
Im just tired of this false hope everyday that thigns somehow will go my way when i know that nobody cares about me and that im supposed to be happy .
Well, it is not possible to know exactly whether things will not go in your way, they can and many a times they had gone well, isn’t it?

Can you observe, my friend, that how is your brain making you feel that nobody cares about you? Can you observe the dominance of somebody (which is not you but within you) and forcing you to think like that? Whenever I go to my terrace, I see pigeons flying in the blue sky and some of them sitting on the trees, do they know that somebody cares about them? They live their life happily and eloquently inspite of seeing the bigger and so-called more developed creatures (humans) everyday, what causes them to be like that?
(Now, if someone argues, from the principles of Georg Hegel, that animals act instinctively and don’t have will like humans, then they must also remember that Hegel said “If the body doesn’t correspond to the soul, it is defective” and hence shouldn’t let their will to go against their soul)

Please have a look at this picture:


The last line says “The caste, race and colour all these are matters for you to consider because no matter what my mother kisses me everyday.” And to be honest the kiddie is really very cute.

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