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faces briefly changing. mind playing tricks.



Nov 4, 2014
Just curious if anyone experiences this. If its normal. Or if its associated with mental illness. Sometimes i have difficulty sifting through what is within the realm of normal thoughts and feelings and what falls under the scope of mental illness.
Have you ever been in a moment with someone, most recently and frequently is my boyfriend, and suddenly you see their face as someone elses? Just as quick as a blink of an eye. So quickly that you cant even tell if you saw it or if your minds eye just saw it. The peraon you so briefly see them as doesnt even have to physically resemble them. But your brain still tricks you into seeing it.
Anyone else have this?
I cant seem to find any info on it.


Nov 1, 2014
Hi midnight panda. This has happened to me on one occasion. It was more of a slight merge of someone else's face in my then partner's face. I put this down to being under the influence of drugs and alcohol and subconsciously recognising my issues were to do with one person, thus having him mirrored to me.


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
No, this is actually a "thing" that people have.
I can't remember what it's actually called - face blindness? But it's not necessarily a sign of mental illness at all.
Some people have better visual memories than others.
Try not to worry too much about it. x


I have this only the person who i dont recignise is me in the mirror.

No one here can diagnose here luckily.

it could be impaired cognitive function/image processing from many things such as stress/lack of sleep the list goes on.

I have issues with the below which may be of help. Or maybe not..... xxxx

I am sure their is a reason but it does not have to be linked to a mental health issue.

Depersonalization Disorder: BPhoenix

Not recognizing yourself in the mirror or in photographs:*
Being unable to recognize yourself or feeling unfamiliar with the person looking back at you when you look into a mirror. Feeling that your reflection belongs to someone else, or to you at a different age than you are now.

I suppose it could make us see other peoples faces as different or altered. ..?
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Hi midnightpanda,

I have experienced this on one occasion. The face of a person who previously sexually abused me merged onto the face of the man who went on to rape me just a short time later.

I was not under the influence of drugs, have never experienced psychosis and have never met or heard of anyone experiencing anything like this.

I have no explanation, but I thank you for raising this as I do not feel so alone in this experience as a result of your post.

Thank you :hug5: