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Eye-related phobia



New member
Jun 5, 2021
Delhi India

I have a strange fear of anything coming close to me eye. It is so strong that after a mere mentioning of the fear, when I shut my eyes, I feel like something sharp is going to pierce through my eyes.

Strangely it started with watching the movie Final Destination, where there is a scene of a ladder hitting the eye socket of a character. It haunted me as a child. I've worn spectacles since the age of 14 and contact lens since I was 16 yo. I don't seem to have a problem with it though. Sometimes when I see sharp objects, I am often scared. And the days when I wear contacts I am slightly conscious. I want to get my Lasik surgery done, but don't have the courage to go through it.
Has anyone managed overcoming this fear? Could use some pointers. :)

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