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EXTREMELY stressed out



New member
Dec 10, 2014
i have a friendship group and we get along most of the time but lately we've been having heaps of fights about either someone in the group being annoying or someone being too controlling or too arrogant and someone being the "boss" of the group and i really want it stop. We have fights about a lot of things and i really am not feeling comfortable in our group i really love all the girls in the group and i love their personality but lately every things gone out of hand and we really need help with fixing our group problems. we've tried sitting and talking together about our problems but that doesn't work I've been really stressed out these past couple of months i really don't want to feel like this anymore


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
I'm sorry to hear you're stressed out.
Can I ask what happened when you tried to talk to one another? Did you find the arguing continued?

I would say that if these friends are making you miserable and you're feeling like you can't take any more, it may be worth distancing yourself from them and maybe seeking hobbies elsewhere - perhaps you'll make new friends along the way?
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