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extreme sleep anxiety as a kid



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Jan 18, 2021
the underworld
when i was a kid, i would experience extreme anxiety before bed. i would dread bedtime and do everything i could to postpone it. the second i got in bed and my mum or dad left the room, i would shake, feel sick and could not lie still. i got terrified of things like shadows and random noises.

every night i would go downstairs where my parents were because i was terrified. i was having scary intrusive thoughts and i couldnt fight the compulsion to go downstairs to my parents, they would comfort me and try to get me back to bed; sometimes they would help, but more often than not i would be going up and down a few times every night.

i couldnt fall asleep, i would be the last one up and this is turn produced more intrusive thoughts that i HAD to fall asleep and that i COULDNT be the last one awake. if i was i would essentially have a panic attack.

the next day i would be really tired and sometimes this meant i fell asleep quickly, but most times the cycle continued. eventually it got better by the end of primary school.

i had a relapse in year 7 after opening a scary voicemail on my phone but it only lasted a couple weeks and since that i have had no problems with sleeping.

i still have no idea what caused it and why i felt that way. sometimes i still get worried about it happening again. does anyone know what this means?


Feb 8, 2021
I used to have problems sleeping and would be up til the sun came up and wake when the sun went down which was very depressing. This stopped when I was first admitted to hospital and had to get up out of bed for breakfast and was not allowed back in my room to sleep til night time. Somehow this and recovering from an episode brought my sleep round the right way, I have lapsed occasionally and find exercise helps a lot as well as eating meals at the right time.
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