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extreme fear of being judged - need help



New member
Oct 16, 2021
I am in my late 20s and my painfully shy. Partly by nature as for as long as I remember I have been extremely shy. However, I was also bullied a lot which made my self esteem really low. As a result I am really closed off and never share anything personal for fear of being judged. Fear of being judged as wealthy for example. I have lied A LOT to fit in and now I really regret that.

I have never told people I have a sister for fear of being made fun of.

I have never told people I have an older brother who is a PHD.

I am terrified if i tell people this now they will be upset for never having shared this with them

Can anyone give me advice how to get over extreme social anxiety? Also how do i stop caring what everyone thinks of me? I am really afraid of starting to tell people basic facts about me as they will be mad for not sharing this with them before


Active member
Oct 16, 2021
I was bullied too, in school, nearly the entire run of school. As a result, IRL I am really shy, but online, I can be open and outgoing. Having this forum as an outlet will help some. Being anonymous online can really open social doors. I have extreme social anxiety too and have no idea how to overcome. Therapy might be a big help, for me at least.