Extreme anxiety of talking about myself - need urgent help



May 1, 2019
thank you for your help...i will start seeing a therapist again this wednesday

i just want to be able to be myself without the fear of being judged negatively


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May 14, 2019
People with social anxiety tend to have incredibly low confidence. There is also a lot of negative inner dialogue going on within the mind. Making an effort to improve your confidence in whatever way you can will be very helpful.

Pay more attention to your negative inner dialogue, and understand that the way you are thinking is irrational. Try to push out the negative inner dialogue, don't dwell on it.

Look at your qualities instead of your weaknesses, and challenge yourself to go out of your comfort zone socially. Join a club, talk to a cute girl at the bar, start a conversation. Unfortunately, the only way you can get rid of social anxiety is by putting yourself in social situations.

Social anxiety is usually developed at a very young age, so many people with social anxiety have poor social skills. The only way to improve your social skills is by talking to people. Understand that the process of improving your confidence, being mindful of your irrational inner dialogue, and improving your social skills may take years of practice and experimentation. Take baby steps, and don't beat yourself up when you make a mistake. Eventually the anxiety will begin to recede as you slowly become more comfortable with people.

A few ways to initially push yourself out of your comfort zone -
* Asking for the time
* Saying hello when you walk by someone
* Say hello to the cashier
* Read a book/study/work in a library or bookstore (A quiet public place)
* Eating in a restaurant
* Asking employee for directions/help
*Starting a conversation
I agree 100% with what has been said here. I've spent virtually all my life being socially anxious, self-conscious and isolated.
It's not that I'm not friendly. Far from it, I like talking to people. It's just that I never seemed to develop the casual social skills that most people take for granted. I observe t the way people exchange idle banter, and I can't do that. Not very easily anyway.
And I also don't like talking about myself. It's like I'm afraid that other person is going to find what I'm saying intensely boring.

Having said all that, I now believe that social skill can be learned and improved. Starting with simple things like saying 'hello', and using people's names in greetings. Sounds basic doesn't it? But someone with social anxiety has to mechanically learn the basic standard human interaction patterns, and force themselves to apply them.
It's taken me 40 years to realise this, and start to improve on a social level. I do feel I'm making progress though.

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