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Experiences of the Wellbeing Services CBT?



New member
Feb 20, 2019
United Kingdom
Hi all,

Baiscally I'm 36 years old and have struggled with OCD for as long as I remember. In the last few years it's got to such a point that it's having a disastrous effect on my life. So I resolved to start doing things about it. GP appointments/self-help groups/referring myself to things - whatever I thought might help.

11 months ago I contacted the NHS wellbeing service and today I got an email with a time, a date and location to begin face-to-face CBT. That's all it says though, there's no indication of what it really involves.

I was wondering if anyone else had any experiences with CBT through the wellbeing service so I might know the sort of thing to expect?


Well-known member
Jun 11, 2017
Somewhere out there
Hi there.Welcome

Hopefully someone will come along that can be of help to you.I know nothing about OCD or the NHS but wanted to welcome you