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Jan 28, 2015
just wanted to share my experiences. When i try to share with people around me they listen but dont get me for real. Maybe someone will find this interesting. Since i remember (my life) its like simply i needed to imagine everything i hear. Even now while im writting this my mother is cooking something i see a white shape that is vibrating. (Im music student) As I go to music school i find this helpful because when i listen to tone intervals, chords etc., i look them as shapes. (Take notes that this does not give me ability to have the perfect pitch) (I dont know english words for intervals) half of the tone interval looks really black with some kind of tingling vibrating motion. Whole tone is white with long tingling vibrating stripes. 1.5 tones interval is blacky with very little motion. I can only try to explain what i see and feel but its like in the feel i see but fail to describe what ive just seen. Also biggest 7 interval (do - si) looks same as half of the tone interval but has little wider shape and is a little bit browny in this whole black motion. Those are just few examples. Unrelated to music thing i remember since i was little ive seen some kind of white sparkles in my vision. When i was a kid around 3-4 i remember it was very interesting playing with these shapes. By logic i think is that id see a shape in the night when id woke up (in dark they are more visible) id try to touch the shape and then id expect it to move and then id look in the direction that i thought the sparkling shape would go and that would cause this fake interaction (movement) Fun times... heh... still remember. I also have some kind of thing that mentally bothers me but nothing big. I constantly see meanings between totally unrelated stuff. On example i practiced instrument then i walked on street with my dog and i saw the way some intersection was made totally same as f sharp secondary fingering on my bassoon. One day the cars on the street reminded me of a music interval. I think you call it p3 in america. Some girl in my school has a meaning of B flat. This is happening every day involontery. Is it possible that ill get schizophrenia? Im 20 year old and mental health is not my good thing.
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Purple Chaos

Purple Chaos

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Oct 23, 2014
Hi lalalasomething! Welcome to the forum.

Thank you for sharing. It is interesting and although I can't relate to the music and shapes, I know what you mean about making connections and constantly seeing meanings that later don't make sense. Mine tends to be mainly with numbers and sometimes with colours.

I don't worry about it, though it has sometimes taken up a lot of my time.

Take care.