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Dec 26, 2008
Hello, I just seeking a few answers for a few questions. I've been hearing voices for the past 6+ months but they seem different to some of the other experiences I've read online.

My diagnosis is servear drug induced psychosis along with the diagnosis of depression that I've had for the last 5 year... although I personally think I'm an avoident borderline mixed personality(I know its a dangerous thing to do to self diagnose but that description fits me perfectly even if it is an unofficial personality disorder). I don't get how it could be drug induced when i hadn't smoked any week three weeks prior to the incident.

It all kicked of when I was staying round my mums due to the hearing a drug dealer out side my house threatening to kill me... it was a constant conversation... anyway I was at my mums and i heard them there too plus others... I heard drilling and knocking on the walls and then someone shouting for me to get out of the area... and I heard the dealer knocking on the wall shouting death threats(my mother was out of the room both times), I knew they had guns. It ended up with me walking for four hours trying to find somewhere to hang myself as i believed they where going to kill my family... I heard them say that they where going to blow us up one day.

I ended up getting hospitalized for three days... in my view know where near long enough but i live in supported accommodation(9-5) and they try to keep you out of hospital, I guess its bad for business.

I'm left now with two main voices both have told me there names indirectly, both female(my doc was surprised that they where female as I'm a guy for some reason) and lots of random voices, mainly of drug dealers and other psychotics. but i have heard the thoughts of family and friends. I can talk to most of the voices... the female voices say there trying to help but they do occasionally threaten me but thats no where near as frightening as when i have a male voice saying there going to kill me.

Is it usual to know the names of voices even though you have never met them before? Is it usual to hear other pot smokers and psychotics? Is it usual to be able to talk to the voices?

I still hold the belief that I'm psychic just lacking the control most psychics have, although I'm a believer of shamanism... so could it be that the voices are playing on that belief?

I have come of my Olanzapine(I'm on the highest dose of 20mg) three times now, two failed attempts due to the withdrawals and one successful attempt where the voices where not as loud as when I'm taking the olanzapine.

Could the olanzapine be making things worse?

Also I'm in two minds whether or not I wish to stop hearing the voices, after all you wouldn't cut of a limb just because its ugly!

At the time of writing this one of the female voices are threatening to kill me, I don't think she want me to post this.

Oh I also got beaten up two nights ago and i think i may be on the edge again

p.s. This was a rushed second draft, my first was a lot more thought out but got lost during submission, as the damn thing logged me out during writing?

Forgot to mention i hear the voices more when theres a noise for the voice to fed of, be it my favorite hobby listening to music, the buzz of engines or electrics... i also miss hear a lot of conversations including the background noise's on tv. It can be quite hard to concentrate
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Hello Geejay and welcome

Some people who've never touched illicit drugs hear voices

If the Olanzepine is not helping stop the voices - you might need to try another anti-psychotic