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Expecting too much?



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Apr 4, 2008
:oops:I joinned this forum fairly recently and was impressed by the care and friendship shown on it. However now I feel I probably expected too much and let my true feelings and distress be shown on the forum and maybe had wrong expectations about how it could help. I now feel embrassed and very aware that what you say has consequences it is very difficult when you you are very depressed and you are looking for help and relief from how you are feeling and easy as a consequence of being unwell to make mistakes.

I wish every one well on the forum, it is doing a good job .


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Dec 16, 2007
hiding behind the sofa
KP were not a miracle site and we cant cure illnesses but we do try to be of help for our friends on here and give them support when we think it could help WE also discuss everything from mental health problems to whats on TV to what book were reading, and im sure the more you come on the more strength you will gain

Sometimes we do get carried away with our ramblings but no one knows you so its a good chance to get your worries out. They may seem small and strange to you but maybe someone on here can empathise and suggest a way to go for help.

When i first started on here i started writing a blog and i let it all com out and after id posted i wished i hadnt, but ive since spoken to others that have been thru similar things and its helped

Please keep coming on, and if you want to talk in private you can always PM whoever you feel comfotable with

think i might go to bed now:sleep:
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I think that while it's important to know that we can talk about whatever we need to talk about we also have to remember that there are more appropriate ways of doing things than the way we choose sometimes.

As for consequences - all our choices in life have consequences and we have to live with them all. Unless there is some sort of classification in our conditions to say otherwise, we are always responsible for our own behaviour - that just one of life's hard facts and one I have to life with all too frequently.

This forum is growing everyday - not everybody reads every post and no one can remember them all. Learn from whatever mistakes you make and move on - and keep coming back and this looks like the beginning of a blog.


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Dec 19, 2007
Welcome to the forum, and fear naught ;)

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