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Exercise every single day



Mar 16, 2018
It's really helping my symptoms. I started about 2 weeks ago I'm devoting myself to exercise everyday. It's really working.

Drink your 8 cups of water.

And take care of any other health issues. I even tried to eat healthy meals.

I'm also taking better care of my skin, showering daily and meditating. Reading also helps me! These things ALL really work if you do them all together in one day. I did them all in one day and I felt a rush and so alive and healthy and I could think WAY more clearly. Please do them all in one day. Don't skip any, TRUST ME you'll feel great!!!

You can even buy a water tracker here
(etsy water tracker - Google Search or find them at Target they look similar) that tells you when you've had your 8 cups of water! (:)

This is all a great way to keep busy which is also good for mental health!