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Exams!! so unpredictable.



Well-known member
Jan 2, 2012
Exams!! so unpredictable.
You can study so much, do well all year and then in one day - blow the lot. You think you did well but you failed- is there a system where you can appeal and get re-marked?
Can you resit?
Your summer isnt ruined, im sure there are other things you can do if your brother doesnt want to drive you places.
It sounds as though you have done so well getting your life pieced back together, this is just a set back/relapse. You can rebuild again.
Im sure there will be options for you- speak to your teachers about resits etc?
Remember the knowledge is still in there so you will still be able to access it- maybe if you resit you may do better (different questions etc).
Dont give up


Well-known member
Feb 15, 2011
west mids
ahmedelsaka said:
. what can I do? my mom and dad wont talk to me and my brother is happy to torment me :/
what can you do? sorry I have no idea, when my daughter failed stuff we talked about it and worked around the facts and she got the best she could get for herself.

This sounds to me like your family have the issues here, ffs your brother will beat you up? he sounds a right fucking nutter, and as for your parenets not talking to you, well they need help and parenting classes!!!

christ you can resit, its not the wnd of the world, how old are you? were are you from?



I have to agree with Stan. You've put the work in, you tried your hardest, what more do your parents want??? Sorry, but your parents and brother need to learn that not everyone is academic and brilliant at exams. This doesn't mean you're useless or stupid at all, because everyone has something they're good at. For you rfamily to tell you that you can't go out over the summer holidays is just wrong, in my opinion. Ok, if you can resit, study, resit, and do your best. But that shouldn't necessitate forgoing any fun whatsoever!
If I ever get like that with my children, I'd want someone to have a word with me, seriously, because that's no way to treat your own flesh and blood