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Mar 8, 2018
My mental health problems are vast and I was always told by an abusive family that I exaggerated things, clearly this made their denial of what happened so much easier if they’d built this image of me exaggerating what happened. The things that happened are what they are, it’s not really something you can exaggerate and being on the social services watch list confirmed that to me, although sadly back then it wasn’t acted on as much and awful things still happened whilst on the list. I’m not on medication and see a therapist once a week, but I’m finding it really hard right now. My sister freaked out saying that I was dangering things when she saw me and noticed I’d self harmed. It’s not enough to commit suicide (which I have actually attempted on numerous occasions in the past) but I think she over reacted and I don’t need to worry due to the fact that a) it helps the worst feelings and b) the self harm isn’t serious. I’d appreciate some advice as I wouldn’t be able to discuss this with the dr or therapist.
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Jul 24, 2017
I think your sister is just very concerned about you, and that's a good thing. Any SH is very serious because you are a special creation who deserves love and happiness. You might check out some of these https://bit.ly/2xonvIF"]resources for insight and help in the healing process.Sending hugs.