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Ex with depression



New member
Dec 5, 2020
So I was dating this girl and everything was fine she took me to meet her family on vacation and called my mom her future mother in law.. but when we got back from vacation 2 days later she dumped me and said she didn’t want to be with anybody right now.I agreed to be friends but I said if another guy comes around I’m out cause those aren’t my intentions to just stay the friend. She talks to me a lot some days then barely talks to me on others she’s hung out with her friends but has made no advance to hang out with me and she just acts like she hates me some of the time when nothing when wrong when we were dating. Most the time she’ll just say she’s aggravated and having a bad day and won’t talk to me for awhile. I just don’t know if it’s whether sticking around for or not I don’t want to give up on her but I care about her but I’m not even getting slightest thing of that back like I said has hung with friends but won’t try to hang out with me at all I’m trying to be here for her but I feel like I’m just getting put on the back burner and it’s like I’m the last option out of everyone she knows to talk to. I’ve read up and watched videos on mental health so I could try to do with it better but it’s difficult when your not getting talk to for hours. I just need some advice cause I know depression is difficult but I feel like she just doesn’t want me around. I care about her and don’t want nothing to happen to her but I don’t feel like the feelings are the same. Idk if she would even care if I left I just know whether to stick around or not or just let her know I’m out good luck with everything?


Well-known member
Nov 26, 2020
She might be depressed but she's playing hot and cold with someone who obviously loves her and that's not fair. You're her emotional crutch right now, when she needs to talk she knows where to find you but the rest of the time, she doesn't really care and is even unpleasant to you. It's possible she has no one else so she's keeping you at gaze for convenience.

Another possibility is that things got too real for her after you met her family and all so she's taken a step back, but is it a good way to treat your loving partner? She's well enough to hang out with friends but not with you, are you even a friend then?
Don't waste your time if all you do is give and she just takes without consideration for you. She might just be making the break up easier for herself by keeping you on hand until she feels fine with letting go.

Hugs xxx


New member
Dec 5, 2020
Thank you very much for your response. I think that’s what’s best we talked last night and told her I care about her and she just kept getting mad at me cause she thinks I’m against her and she said she wants to go bar hopping and get drunk so she can do that but not try to get help so it’s definitely the best decision to just let it go thanks for your advice it is greatly appreciated I hope everyone well and everyone who sees this have a great day or night!


Well-known member
Feb 7, 2020
When someone says they don't want a relationship....walk away and never look back.

And if you do want a chance of getting her back, walking away is the best option. They can't miss you if you're still hanging around.
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