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Ex-psychologist. I am new, here.



I am old enough. I was a psychologist for about seven years and changed careers during a very messy divorce. I actually broke down in a session and once that happened, I knew that I needed to find a new practice.

Its been ten years and I haven't decided to go back. Lately, it is a consideration.

I am madly in love with a man who I do not know what to do with. He is mentally damaged beyond anything I've ever seen but I love him enough to endure his off moments. Yesterday, I made my first post, in which I explained that situation. If you'd like to look, I'd greatly appreciate it.

I am old. I have little faith in the internet as a source of psychological help but I'm glad to see that so many of you seem to find that it works. Because I am not a part of the internet generation, I am not likely to be very helpful on this forum but I am told that an introduction post is the only polite thing to do, when on internet forums. I am only trying to practice proper etiquette.


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Mar 17, 2008
:welcome: to the Forum. Its great to have you here. Just chip in to any discussions you feel able to or start ones if you feel comfortable to do so.



Hi SP,
I'm fairly new and have found this site so beneficial. People are really lovely. Hope you find it helpful (y)


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Dec 15, 2008
:welcome: SP, so what if you are old - I only mention it because you did TWICE! I hope you find it friendly here



Thank you, Keepsafe. It really isn't something I mention often but the internet certainly makes me feel that way at times. I've used it for work and have only just been introduced to the social side of it.

I honestly wasn't aware of how many people use it to talk to complete strangers.

I am primarily here to look for second, third and hopefully fifth opinions regarding this situation:


I am quite desperate.


Nov 17, 2009
heyhey, i'm also new so you're not alone there :) welcome.
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