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Ex Friends



Nov 30, 2018
United States
So i had two friends who were my very best friends in the whole world. Like we did everything together and we told each other everything, it was really great for about 5 of the 7 years that we knew each other. As we got older and in high school things started to get really bad between us. They started to act weird for lack of a better term. They would have problems and when they would tell me about them and I tried to help them with it they would get mad at me because it wasn't something they wanted to hear. I always make it my personal rule that if someone is my friend I will tell them what they need to hear not what they want to hear (Maybe I was too harsh?) At the time I was okay with that because sometimes not everyone wants to hear it and that is fine. Over the next couple of years things really started to fall apart. They were not taking responsibility of their actions and I wasn't having any of it anymore. I had been through some stuff and I just didn't put up with BS anymore. Our friendship ended and we all went our separate ways, I finally let go of all of the negative emotions associated with them and I am doing better in that department of my life but I still wonder what if. What if we worked through our issues and came out of it, would we be better friends? Would things be different for me? Would I be somewhere else? Silly little questions like that come along every once in a while and i sometimes entertain them then let them go. I'm curious but I don't really care. They were no good for me to begin with and I'm glad they are gone.


Earth Dreams, welcome to the forum! :)

I feel bad for you because the same happened to me a long time ago, for such is life that people become older and more set in their ways. What was highly valued way back then, when we get older so our tastes change and our opinions alter. It's life, I am sorry to say. People do drift apart, and some we never see again can leave us bitter and very upset.

I'm not so old, but have had to accept that many of my special friends have had to move, and in so moving lost contact as they got on with their lives much as I had to. Except what I try to do is remain optimistic because there is always tomorrow, and tomorrow can bring new friends. We just don't know, but live in the hope of meeting new people. In trying to be optimistic, we can shape our future.

I realise it's a difficult ask, but you have to accept and move on, just as the special friends have had to do the same, often because of circumstances out of their control.

When we forgive, we cannot in any way change the past, but we can most certainly change the future by staying positive and opening ourselves to accept new changes, new challenges. I told this to my daughter Peggy, and stoical that she is yet being so young, she's open to doing that. And digging deep down in ourselves to keep caring and being kind to others, so helping make our world a better place.