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Ex anorexic



New member
Dec 9, 2019
I was anorexic from the age of 17 to 52

My doctors first told me I should gain weight.

Then Weight Watchers told me I should be less than the doctor said. For some reason I got a weight stuck in my head and stayed at more or less that for over three decades.

I was deliberately undereating but I didn’t really see it as hugely important.

Anything under a certain weight and I would feel really fat. Even at a very low weight I felt obese.

I have done loads of therapy and eventually a few years ago my weight went up. I don’t feel fat at this weight, you know that intrinsic ‘every cell in your body’ feeling of being exceptionally fat and bloated and horrible.

So here I am heavier than Weight Watchers told me to be many decades ago and feeling really good at this weight and able to eat anything and not be too obsessed with exercise.

If I try to lose weight I start getting into the anorexic mindset again so I have accepted I seem to have hit my own correct weight and that this is how I am.

I didn’t believe that one could be cured of this illness but the last five or six years have shown that I have at last emerged from it and my mind feels free of it.

I just thought I would say and give other people hope


Well-known member
Apr 6, 2017
Yay you're an inspiration. Can you write a book please
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