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Evil me?



New member
Feb 6, 2015
I'm not really sure if this counts or not??
It seems sometimes if I get very bitter/angry (sometimes over small things) I can't control myself. I'll get physically violent, or try to emotionally manipulate my friends to make them feel guilty. I hate this so much because I try so hard to be nice, considerate, thoughtful, etc. Even if I know what I do/say will hurt someone, it just seems to happen and I have no control over it. This usually happens when I'm being humiliated, frustrated, depressed, angry, and other feelings like that.

Other things include:
>looking in the mirror and being confused by my face, like I know it's me but I just don't see it as normal? (like I don't recognise it?)
>feel like there are multiple versions of myself (hyper, depressed, angry, evil, etc)
>can never make decisions, I have different, contradicting thoughts about everything
>constant headaches, occasionally hear someone whisper my name, always feel a presence
>forget things easily
>sometimes 'snap' back into my head, almost like my consciousness floats away and I don't realise it until it rushes back?

Does anyone know what this is?
(I have lots of symptoms of other things too eg paranoia, anxiety, bipolar, bpd, etc)


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Jul 21, 2010
No one can say for sure what it is, you'll need to speak to a GP and get things looked at. Trouble with things like this is so many things have a lot of the same symptoms of so many other illnesses, it can be very easy to convince yourself you have something you don't. I personally thought I was dying of kidney failure the other week when i got a random severe pain in my lower right hand side.

You do seem to have anger issues though, from what you've written?