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Evil and negative spirit voices



Well-known member
May 2, 2019
I am a psychic medium I don't work as one but I have had this "gift" if you call it as one for a very long time since I was a child.

I hate this gift I am born with, I have had so many horrible negative spirits around me and children saying nasty stuff to me. They are randoms that appear to connect with me in the house and follow me everywhere. If I am dating they will stay bad stuff about the people entering my life, make stories up act very jealous even when they don't know me. I even had two older men around me that were attached to me and were making my life a misery, they were constantly making stories up about the men I was seeing/dating and wanted me to end them.

I saw my friend for a couple of days up north, he did a holy prayer and a lot of them have vanished and I feel the house and around me is much more clearer and normal, the way it should be!! I still do have a few remaining shitty kids around me but not so much all the time. I want them all gone to be honest!

Plus I had a stalking trauma that happened to me 10 years ago and now I have developed a OCD mindset with a bit of negative self talk but they are my own voices only and I can tell the difference. But with being psychic really doesn't help when you hear spirit voices trying to make you feel like shit for no reason.

How else can I close this portal and now have them stop lingering around me?


Nov 21, 2019
Chattanooga, Tennessee
hi, Thank you for sharing your story I am going through similar things except I don’t know if I’m psychic or medium but I’ve always felt different in my whole life. I’ve never been diagnosed with any psychiatric problems or any schizophrenia but as of a year ago I started hearing voices around me I thought they were neighbors for the longest and I would go to houses trying to find him and finally I realized that they they were not living people it’s like their spirits or demons, I’m not sure but they constantly say negative things to me, discouraging me,but there’s four of them two women and two guys and one of the guys is really jealous of me. One of the women are extremely hateful and the other is always telling the other three to leave me alone and she apologizes. They can read my mind , I can hear them everywhere I go and no one else can hear them.. I’ve prayed to God every single day since this has started. I wear annointed oil, I rebuke them in the name of Jesus Christ, I go to church, got clean and still nothing. They have stole my peace and quiet from me it’s absolute torment, I wake up at night being jolted by what feels like electricity, like there touching me, they’ve tapped on my hands, touched me in private areas etc. , I have nightmares and when I wake up they’re laughing and talking about my dreams. I can’t believe this is happening and I can’t tell anyone bc they will think I’m crazy. I know ur looking for advice and I wish I could help u but I don’t know how to help myself. I just wanna know who they are and when it will stop , if anyone can help me please do Thankyou.
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