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Everything works.... then stops...



May 23, 2019
Atlanta, GA
Hey everyone

I've had depression/anxiety/OCD/bipolar 2/ panic attacks/inattentive adhd

Current regimen: zoloft 200mg, lamictal 150mg, vistaril (25-50mg as needed), ritalin (5-10mg as needed)

Wanted to share what I've tried and to see if someone else has had a similar expreriences or some tips.

I've had anxiety issues all my life. Severe seperation anxiety when I was in grade school - turned into depression and panic attacks in high school.... Started taking zoloft - maxed the dosage and switched to celexa... the zoloft would work then it would stop working after 3 weeks and we would keep on upping the dosage. celexa did nothing.

I stopped the ssris after 3 years. During that time I was diagnosed with inattentive adhd

Got severely depressed and anxious again went to MH emergency at kaiser and got put on serquel and slept all day so I wouldnt be in panic all day... tired homeopathic meds and was able to slightly fucntion daily but still had a lot of anxiet and panic...
and got on Remeron, maxed that out - didn't work after a while just like Zoloft... Just decided to live in the misery until a psychiatrist really recommended an SSRI again... so I got on Prozac... just like the zoloft it WOULD work... then it would stop working and we kept on upping the dosage.. We didn't go past 40mg on the prozac because the side effects were very cumbersome...

So I switched to Lexapro cause it helped my family members... It only made things worse for me.... So I went on Zoloft again... FINALLY SOME GOOD RELIEF! But again like my previous expreince things would get better then it would stop working and we would up the dosage... things would get better again then it would stop working and we would up the dosage... got up to 250mg...

Had to swtich psychatrists due to insurance. This current psychatrist diagnosed me with bipolar 2 since I complained about mood swings... put me on Lamictal 50mg...

I thought this was it! I found the solution! I am cured!!!!!!!! but.... just like the zoloft it worked and then it stopped working and we upped the dosage.... I am currently on 150mg.... my anxiety has gotten worse, I don't feel depressed as much but again the anxiety/ocd have gotten worse...

What I have tried: zoloft, celexa, prozac, lexapro, mirtazapine, seroquel, remeron, metoprolol, propanolol, vistaril, lamictal, ritalin, adderall

Anyone have any advice on why the he** these meds keep stop working for me??


Well-known member
Mar 9, 2012
Tigger and Willow's house UK
Some meds do stop working at random, every med i tried did exactly the same thing for me so in the end the professionals gave up and "discharged" me :hug: