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everything was so slow today



Well-known member
Aug 17, 2011
somewhere over the rainbow
Grrrr moved so slow everything so slow talked forever took to do anything was pissing really me off... I ve been on top of everything today my mind as beenn buzzzing but thoughtd i wanted.o take an overdose even though ive been well today so fucked up thoughtd a bit muddles


Active member
May 5, 2012
i feel like this at times. i ok but can also feel bad or vice versa. i try to take my mind off it by doing things i like. i talk to my cat as well. i know stupid but it gets it out of my system.

im not sure if i have bi polar the doctors have not diagnosed me with it. they say i have the onset :/

hope it helps. put some lively music on and dance or sing. think of happy things.

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