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Everything is going wrong



Nov 27, 2018
Today’s been one of those days. I am just absolutely furious and so angry at everything. It started as a week ago I lost my bank card so I ordered a new one which hasn’t come yet, only to find my other one in the depths of my bag (typical woman problem). So I asked my dad if he could take me food shopping and I’d send the money and he was so difficult about it so I told him to forget it. So I had to go alone with my partners card which I hate doing incase I forget the pin (anxiety 101). I’m at the check out when the guy serving says “you look happy”. THAT REALLY TICKED ME OFF. I just thought to myself you have no idea. Honesty he was asking for a punch IMO. So I left. I come home, I knock over 3 drinks in the space of 20 minutes. Everything is just going wrong. My partner has a kidney infection so I’m running around after him which I don’t mind, but I don’t have the patience. My dad then says my bank card has been posted to him address so if “I’m done” he will drop it off. Well what’s the point now I’ve already done what I needed to do?! I’m just absolutely raging and this thread is more for me to vent and rant than anything. I probably am over reacting slightly but I’m just fed up.


Well-known member
Jan 5, 2011
Vent as much as you like. It sounds as though you have had a shitty time lately and need some "me" time. Whether you get that is not certain mind. Hope all gets better soon.