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Everyone goes through the voices especially when we about to die.



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Apr 13, 2013
Those with schizophrenia understand how hard it is to deal with the voices. Most of the subjects deal with ones core which is your belief. Some of us have survived the attacks others have died. The reason I am telling you the following information is because schizophrenics understand better than anyone that it is hard to think properly with the voices. Now, imagine you on your death bed in pain and you have to still deal with them. I believe it happens to eveyone. Schizophrenics understand what it like and it is horrible.

We have all heard of schizophrenia. Most of them suffer badly because of the voices. For those that belief in One God they are constantly being harassed by them. They do use religion again them. The most difficult topics arise. For those that Believe in One God, they torture the person with belief that they are God, that there is more than one God, that they are the devil and that they evil. Some of them evens get images of Idols in their heads.

When a Poltheist dies the same thing will happen. They will come at them and the voices will proclaim themselves as Gods. Images will appear of Idols in their head. If you believed in Gods and Idols like polytheist do then one will fall easily for this trick of demons.

For those that believe in One God we will be seeking protection from God against these things because we know that God is ONE and he will protect us because we believed in Him.
This is a warning to Polytheist. If you don’t believe in ONE God then things will be difficult for you when you die.

To believe in ONE God is the easiest thing one can do. While there’s life, there’s hope.

Please take this warning and please don’t let demons make a fool out of you.

Here is an argument about God's oneness.

The Answer to heaven is God's oneness. But if you are still skeptical here’s an argument for you amongst many but to me it’s the one that makes the most sense. When you about to die will you turn to one God or many. God would’nt make it so complicated and confusing. It is also a very difficult time and one can hardly think. God had made it easier to hold onto one thought and this is the name of God.

What is unity? Unity is one, right? A supreme intelligence like God knows this. Why would God want to ruin his unity? It is impossible because God isn't created, to be created, means that you are not a God. That’s why God is One.

I hope I have helped you in some way. Pass away with grace and dignity, having faith that God will protect you at your last moment Godwilling.


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May 27, 2013
I think it would have been a lot easier if he hadn't of created those demons in the firstplace nor given them those powers. A bit of help with them would not go amiss either, but I guess that would be too easy.


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Apr 13, 2013
That's why God created Angels. They do help. You just have to give them encouragement by doing you best for God. Life is'nt easy, wish it was though.
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