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Every so often i go through a thing..



Aug 26, 2019
This thing is me not being happy with my family anymore. I hate my fiance. Every couple of years i leave him and try to move on which i do. But he sucks me back in somehow. I am constantly avoiding him and love that he works 2 jobs so i can be alone with the kids and not him. I'm not cut out for relationships at all. He wants to know everything i dis every second of the day. When I'm not home and run to town he always tells me i take too long when it might only be for 10 minutes I'm gone. He's very nosey and i despise him. He went through a drug addiction about 6 or so years ago and i hate him for that. I keep trying to get away and always get pulled back in. I want to leave so bad but I'm afraid. He notices something is going on that I'm not being myself. He told me i need my meds increased. I don't think i do. I just think the whole problem is him... i have went through severe manic phases in the past where i have left him and went on one big long bender. But now i feel like I'm more depressed and want to leave. Idk what to do anymore. My mom and cousin told me i need to get out now. I'm scared he will take everything i own. He literally brings out the worst sides of my bipolar disorder on both ends. He's a trigger. He makes me depressed or i get so aggitated i am in a mixed state.


Well-known member
Oct 4, 2019
Do you have support ? Someone that can support you to get out of this relationship?
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