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eternal snow eternal snow



Oct 20, 2018
o O o
hey hello thats me omouri just another depressed and struggling with daily isues boy registrated here whats up

i titled the thread like that because thats the song im listening at this moment so i think it will always represent this moment.

i love you all and i consideer you as my brothers and sisters cause its strange how a common livenance and experiences can make different people getting along even if they dont know each other and they probably wont see othersseleves in person ever. but we all have in common this forum and our aims of being here cause we want to be understood and loved by people who is suposed to care even more than the people or 'friends' who are in the outside, in the 'real' life and who are not able to understand what we are struggling with and probably wont ever have the near chance to experience common feelings

even that i consideer all of my doctors couldnt understand me and it doesnt matter how many psych degrees they have, they dont know me and never do, just doing their buisness with my problems, and y inhability to solve them

beside that, talkin a little about myself, i hope i didnt bore you with the feelings i posted before, im telling the song i was listening just ended and swipped in other called shooting star, and its beautiful

im a boy, im 21 and i live in spain, so forgive my amiss english. ive been having depression for all of my teens, but i wasnt diagnosed until last year cause all of my meds were useless. in consequence of that i developed severe mental conditions as extreme anxiety disorder (im on treatement), ocd, and anorexic. eventho ive been dealing with dysthymia since i was 18, so i became alcoholic to contrarrest the fact, and it was the most that helped me, honestly.

im here cause im thankful for all of the common souls i suppose are residing here, i hope im becoming more active cause honestly, being here lurking and reading your full life-stories make me feel more confortable than living my outside life, i really dislike so much my friends and social interaction in general, ive been locking in my room for years and losing mostly all of my teen year relationships, but i dont really regret of that, cause as said, they bored me on my teens and so they would do it now.

i wish you all the best, we deserve to be happy. Hugs. the next songs called its a wonderful life, how fortuity isnt it


Well-known member
Jan 5, 2011
YOu really are suffering quite a bit aren't you? I am so sorry. :welcome: to the forum and I hope others will be along to help you out soon.