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Esa Atos assessment at home! and self-harm question



New member
Feb 18, 2017
hi everyone, some advice please

am bipolar, suffer from extreme anxiety, have been hearing voices for several years and am a self-harmer. agoraphobia is pretty bad, i am able to visit my gp once every three months and psychologist twice a month but have to go via a taxi and back and always need someone with me. no idea how my key worker did it but she managed to get me a Atos home assessment after I told her that I couldn't face going to the centre for one again due to horrible past experience (almost walked out when too many people filled the room, was shaking horribly and close to tears during the assessment, of course none of this was included in my report and they still had the audacity to fail me, saying that I 'claimed' to be agoraphobic yet still had the ability to attend the assessment center!)

so am grateful to not have to go through it again this time, letter came through that they are sending a doc to my home soon. did some research online and people said you're lucky if you are able to get a home assessment as Atos so very rarely do home assessments. my questions are how high are the success rates for people who have had the assessments at home? has there been anyone who has had a home assessment and still failed?

also do i just mention my self-harm or would it be weird to show them my scars. left arm and wrist is full of scratches, will they ask me to show them?
When In Rome

When In Rome

Well-known member
Nov 2, 2016
Good morning.

This is interesting, when I was in a similar condition / situation we were refused a home assessment, actually originally told to go to Bristol but got one nearer to home in the end.

Your key worker then has done a marvellous job, Atos can do them but usually won't do them and so need to be pushed.

As for the scars issue, ask your key worker prior to the assessment whether you should mention them or not.