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ESA and WCA and Now damm PIPs just come



Dec 10, 2011
Hello All

I got my ESA50 on the 5th of Dec 2018 and had to be back by the 3rd of Jan 2019. So that was bad enough and how to spoil someones Xmas in one go . Si i had to rush about to gett doc to write me a letter anyway. I sent it back on the 28th Dec signed for.. I had heard nothing till end of Feb when i got 3 letters 1 from DWP and two from the council the D(WP telling me id lost my ESA due to not returning my form the others telling me i was behind on rent and poll tax due to me no longer being on benefits.. What a life saver that 60p signed for charge was I went to my local Unemployed workers help group who has been helping me with the clam and explained. So they contacted the centre but not letting on about my signed for. The centre searched again while we was on the phone apparently and said no still cannot find anything is he sure he sent it back came the reply. So my helper said well in that case you had better get hold of mister xxxxxxx who signed for the letter on x date at x time because my client had the foresight to get the letter signed for. So we know you have it because we have proof in front of us..

And sure enough they found it later that day.. But i think it might have put me in their bad books because the first f2f was cancelled with 32 mins to go. And I was already in a right state about the f2f plus we had just set off. They remade it for 3 weeks later again i could not sleep for days before it and was in a awful state we set off again and this time it was 29 mins they rang and cancelled it. Well that did it i was crying down the phone and telling them that ii think they was doing it on purpose and that this is the second time its happened and i think i ought to have a bit of time to get over it. Anyway the man was quite nice and said look you can come now but you might be sat here at least 2 hours i suggest you go back home and the next time we will make yours the first or second appointment of the day so they is either non or very little waiting. So i said thank you and left it at that.

Anyway 3 months pasted by before they got in touch again but had made it for the exact same time so i rang them and explained what the previous man had said about earlier. So they apologised and said right is that everything have you any appointments. I said we have a few and my wife who needs to come has some because she is having a new knee and we will be free after the 24th June. they said ok we will be in touch. It cam on a Thursday and iv never had any DWP or Benefits letters any other day than Saturday. (so you cannot get hold of anyone and you have to suffer till Monday I always say lol ) Anyway the letter and date and time. Well it gets worse its 20th at 3:20 So before the date I told them and a even later time for the f2f . Well im sure they are just messing with me now. I rang and got a lady who was not nice at all she contradict me on everything and finally saying right first thing 25th June and that it you cannot alter it any more there will be a letter to confirm goodbye.So that told me.

Right by now i was in a real mess what with this f2f and my new psychologist only being a girl. Plus iv seen the same one for the last 8 years at odd times in those 8 years. Now this girl is young and seems to be putting the owness on me to get ready without helping me with tools and help methods Plus there dont seem to be any feed back from her so I dont trust her and the f2f as well has hit hard and pushed me back into the only way i know of having any control and that is self harm my wife dont even know which is easy as i'm not the most hygienic person plus i dont sleep at night because i'm scared of he dark and the confines it brings Also I dont trust this psychologist as yet enough to tell her. So yes iv started it again after about 5 years. and it got worse as the f2f got closer and on the day of the f2f I had done more than normal and my thigh was in a right mess.

We arrived at the f2f and i was told I was having a downstairs appointment due to that im only able to walk about 20-25m Which we already knew?. Then straight away there was a problem in that the room was back outside and on the other side of the building some 50-60m away so we set off id stopped about 6-7 times getting there and the nurse came down in about 5 mins and she fetched us in

She started with the questions "how did you get here", "how long did the journey take" and so on then after about 4 mins into the f2f she got on about mental things and I showed her a letter id just got from the psychologist which she looked at and just pasted it back then she got onto suicidal and thoughts of that kind or hurting yourself or anything like this. well I just lost it because I knew my leg would be seen when she did the exam (Also my wife did not know because we have been having problems and she keeps on about how her life is crap and dont need all this and i started to break down but said too the nurse well gestured towards my wife). So the nurse said to her I just need a couple of mins alone with him and i will call you back in. After she had gone out the nurse said what is it?. So I told her id been hurting myself and I started to slide down my leggings and show her. She came round the table and just took one look at it and said aww sweetheart and then asked if id been to the hospital to see them and i said no and she asked if my doctor knew i said no and that she is the first one iv confided in. Iv also iv not told the psychologist as of yet and my wife will leave if she finds out i just know she will. Then she said do you mind if i write to your doctor on your behalf> So I just said yes you can please.

Then she said clean yourself up dry your eyes i just need two more questions and i am going to send you home as i have enough and nothing will change. She then said what do you do all day and who does the shopping and does your wife help with my medication. and that was it we was out in under 10 mins but i felt as crap as hell and have done since as cannot get hold of the guy i see who is helping me and he is not back till next weekend and i dont like talking to any of the others as you have to start all over again and explain the ins n out of it all. Anyway iv not heard anything either from my doctor who she was going to ring or either nothing from the DWP saying whats happening when the f2f was 2 weeks today? I just thought id have heard something from somewhere now im starting to panic again.

Anyone any suggestions as i had started to calm my problem down but as nothing has happened yet well you know..

Well low and behold I had a phone call from the DWP telling my DLA was finishing and that I had to ring and claim PIP if I wanted to So I had to endure that last week as well on Thursday with a Girl with a right Liverpool accent I could hardly understand her and it was the same for her so that took ages. So now not only have I got my ESA up in the air but also the PIP has joined it as well. Talk about depressed. But at least its been nice to talk about it as it has released a little pressure

kind regards Osh


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Dec 16, 2007
hiding behind the sofa
Hi Osh and welcome to the forum. I can’t help with esa but I do think two weeks for the DWP in not long . But I’m sure there are plenty on here that will be able to advise you. As regards pip that can take ages. I was told up to 17 weeks for mine but luckily I got a a quick appointment due to them working weekends but it still took 8 weeks for the decision.
It’s pointless saying to you don’t worry because I know I will. But try and gather any evidence from doctors and psychiatrists well in hand. Also read thru the section on here on how to fill your pip form in. It’s very helpful .