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Environmental stress caused my psychosis



New member
Oct 13, 2018
Environmental stress caused my 3 boughts with psychosis. My last one was over 5 years ago.

Right now my parents are getting divorced very recently, I am trying to get a placement at my college to complete 400 hours for my diploma, I have an interview for placement this coming tuesday, taking longer to graduate so all my friends are graduated and gone.

Recently within the last 2 weeks I have noticed that persecuritory delusions have been taking a firmer hold on me. When ever anyone pulls up in my apartment parking lot I can't help but worry the police are going to arrest me, this occurs when I hear sirens as well.

I know enough that it isn't true but the thoughts are sticky, occurring more frequently and when the happen the belief is stronger.

Does anyone have experience of environmental stress causing symptom flare up? In my situation what should I do to lower the stress?


Well-known member
Nov 3, 2015
When I'm very stressed I can have an episode of psychosis which, for me, I suffer more from beliefs than voices. What I need to do in this situation is to make sure I get enough sleep and I eat well because often my sleep is the first thing to go which affects my appetite and end up eating next to nothing, which only makes my symptoms worse.

So my only suggestion is to make sure you get enough sleep and you eat well.
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