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May 23, 2020
South east england
Hi Taking My Brain,

How are you doing/feeling? How did converdations go, with crisis have they been abel to help you out now?

Best regards.
Natalie im now in a psych ward. With the national hitmen service. The AMHP got to my nearest relative to try get me in hospital before i had chance cos there was a event i needed attend before i could go which made it very difficult me to just gt on with giving in to cammands then i ended up up here. I came vouluntary becauase otherwise they will section and be allowed to force on me but these hitmen will kill me soon anyway. Ive warned my nearest realitive though that they will try kill me so if i die akward they know its hitmen well its all murder anyway becauase even if i did it they forced me to it so its still murder.