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Empowering mental health service users to become more involved in decisions about their care: the DECIDE RCT



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Mar 23, 2009
Empowering mental health service users to become more involved in decisions about their care: the DECIDE RCT

This blog looks at an RCT by Alegria et al, trialling an intervention that teaches service users to ask questions and make collaborative decisions with healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Although the trial shows some benefits to how empowered service users felt (through measures of ‘activation’ and ‘self-management’), I was left wondering whether they actually engaged and benefitted from the services. This raises some troubling questions about how services can meet the needs of a diverse population.

Empowering mental health service users: the DECIDE RCT - The Mental Elf


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Jan 7, 2008
i remember when i was been harrassed this social worker gave me a list of alternative accomodation and said he was empowering me, i said give me some official notepaper and let me write letters from you and you sign them they won't listen to me, he said i'm sorrry if thats beeen your experience

i wrote 30 letters got 30 rejections through the door 2 weeks later that agency social worker had vanished and it was a new social worker


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Right, so the conclusion of that is that it doesn't really work at all. Or should I say results were "limited".
I hate to be cynical, but it does sound a lot to me like telling patients to get the fuck on with it alone whilst pretending that they are doing patients a favour.
It's like that resilience shit they go on about.
There's a line between "empowerment" and basically washing your hands of having to do any work with your patient. x
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