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Employment Advice!



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Dec 15, 2017
London, UK
Hi everyone

Hope your all well.

Last December I left my employment to start a new job with a new employer. I loved my old job but felt it was time to move on and try something different.

The new job didn't work out and I left.

I enquired for my old job back and approached my old manager about it. She emailed me back saying, I may have to reapply for the role when the vacancy goes up. In the meantime, she encouraged me to apply to become a bank worker. She told me she would complete the form on my behalf to which I trusted her. She even informed me that a client had died and informed she would invite me to the funeral.

Two days later, I received a phone call from an ex colleague informing she heard I was coming back? That she had heard it from a different manager. She gave me the heads up that everyone is aware of it. I was very shocked and deeply saddened to hear this. It was my confidentiality and it had been gossiped around.

I re-applied for my old job back.

I saw my previous manager a week later as we were invited to a leaving do. My manager was very dissmissive towards me. Hardly said anything and tried to run away.

I was very confused and very sure by her attitude that she was not happy and most likely will reject my application.

Two months later, I heard nothing back from my bank worker role and I sent her an email to enquire for an update. She didn't send me a reply back.

Like I thought, she didn't offer me a job interview for my old job.

I also heard the client's funeral had taken place and I wasn't invited.

Very saddened by all of this.

I found a new job and have been there for 7 months.

I approached the manager above her and she kindly completed the form on my behalf.

I eventually became a bank worker and I rang my old manager up one day determined to speak to her to inform her that I am now a bank worker and I was available to help her with shifts. She was absolutely shocked when she answered the phone and spoke to me. She paused and stumbled with words and informed she will let me know of any spare shifts available. I knew I wasn't going to be contacted but I felt good to phone her and eager for her to know I was a bank worker. Especially when she failed she help me despite encouraging and informing she would complete the form.

I recently saw my old job been re-advertised again seven months on. I emailed my old manager to inform that her that I am interested in wanting to re-apply. So far no response. I loved that job and I feel I have every right to re-apply.

Just enquiring for your thoughts? Why she encouraged me to apply first time around. Then encourage me to become a bank worker and would invite me to the client's funeral. Then go all cold and ignore me.

To this day, I am confused and hurt by these cowardice actions.

Do I re-apply or do I cut my losses?


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May 17, 2019
If you reapply will you be working for the manager whom there are issues with? Moreover will she have a say in whether you are employed or not? If the answer is yes to both, be prepared that nothing will come of your application. You could try to phone your old manager and seek out the lay of the land prior to applying (I note she hasn't responded to your email). That said, nothing ventured, nothing gained as long as you can get over a possible rejection.


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Aug 1, 2014
You can do the following on line; I would search for job centre plus, and check if they still have Empoyment Advisers, in existence, get hold of ahead office, or local b ranch phone number, and check with the Employment Adviser, they'll hopefully will be in the position to point you in the right direction.

Good luck with my idea, if you try it.


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Jan 27, 2019
Maybe their is some jealousy going on with your former job. Just a thought Lots of hugs and love Jules


Sep 3, 2019
I believe there might e some issues with you and your former manager since you left the first job for another one. Sometimes bosses are relying on their employees for various things and when you up and leave even if you give notice, they have to go about looking for a new person to hire and that takes time and effort and in some cases finances. This is due to the fact that getting someone new and trustworthy to do the job can be quite some work. So maybe your former manager when she heard you were reapplying she probably had lost trust because she might be thinking,' if she gets hired back waht is to say she won't leave the job again for another better opportunity.' I believe these factors should be understood. It could also be she might have her own issues with you so don't take it personally. I suggest cut your losses and move on to this new job that you have or find another one similar to your first one where the environment is conducive to work without issues. I hope this helps and all the best in your endeavors.