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emotional distress



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Sep 1, 2018
Hello, this is my first post and my English is terrible so please bear with me. I am 20 years old and parents are extremely rich but I am never happy because I lack motherly love and I often get used. My parents got divorced when I was 13, she got married to guy who was her boyfriend before she married my father. A few months after my Mom's marriage my dad died. My father loved me so much yet I disrespected him and it really haunted me after his death, I still have nightmares about him. After my dad's death I followed my mom and her new husband to her new home, my stepdad treats me well but I still hate him because I feel he was responsible for my parent's divorce. My mom no longer cares for me emotionally and will always insult me over petty things yet she claims she loves me more than anyone in the world. I used to hear my mom and step dad having sex and they didn't care if heard and it hurts Me so much. I decided to make new friends since I had no one to talk to but I realized they only hang out with me because of my wealth (my dad left me tons of money that could last me my whole life). My girlfriend is currently cheating on me but I couldn't confront her because I am afraid she might leave me and I really love her. One of my friends was having trouble going to school without a ride so I Bought him a car but he never comforts me when I am having an emotional breakdown. I just need a real *friend* or someone to hug me and tell me I am loved... Is that too much to ask?. Sorry for the bad grammar.


:welcome: to the forum. Sorry about your emotional distress. I think you should break up with your cheating girl friend. I hope those nightmares go away. It takes time to build up friendships. I still don't trust my friends all the way yet. Hang in there. :hug:


Feb 14, 2018
I am very sorry for your emotional distress, skyfoxdawn. If your stepfather treats you well then do so in kind. Whether he was responsible for your parents’ divorce, which you really do not know (you said you just feel it), your father is gone and there is a new relationship right in front of you. If you want to be a better person, you might want to consider acting with humility and kindness to others, no matter what happened in the past and no matter how they treat you, for your own sake. And if he is nice to you, that makes it easier to reciprocate in a kind manner.

Would you consider going to a nearby church and talking to a pastor and hopefully learn about your true value as a human being and also, that money is just a tool to get us by. Unfortunately, many people are blinded by it. If I were you I would consider keeping my wealth at low profile because you might attract the wrong people who want to get close to you for the wrong reasons. If you are open to discussing about faith, which might help you in your woes, consider sending me a pm. I just hope that your life gets better and brighter.


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Aug 14, 2018
I feel sad for you that you had to go through what you are experiencing. Forgive yourself from hating your father. Everybody commits mistakes and you too are not perfect. I am sure your father wants you to be happy. I am sure he wants you to be well and good.

You are generous and that is good. But choose your friends. Give to the deserving people. Help others as much as you can. This brings happiness to you. Do not let anybody abuse or mistreat you. Be friendly but be wise.

You are loved. Remember your mom's love for you is not perfect. There will be times when you feel unloved by her because she is not perfect too. Be considerate and understand her. You may have a heart to heart talk with her or write her a letter about your thoughts and feelings. Write without hatred or anger in your heart. Write when you are in a good mood.

Remember there will always be people who love and will love you. Love yourself. Enjoy and do activities that make you happy so long as they won't harm you. You

You are important and you are needed. Believe and hope. Believe in your dreams. Believe in yourself.