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Emotional connection with others is vital for well-being. It releases the "cuddle hormone" oxytocin and has a comforting effect. Sex and hugs are most commonly mentioned as the ways to get a shot of oxytocin. But there are also other ways to get an oxytocin boost. It turns out that we all need person to person interaction, this does not necessarily mean sex or hugs, but just the touch of another person when holding hands can give us a shot of oxytocin.

Voices tend to make us isolate ourselves and can keep us from doing the things we might like to do with others. Also fear of voices can make others isolate us. What can we do to get the emotional connections we need to survive life?

How to connect emotionally:
Hold hands with someone you care about
Hug someone you care about
Watch an emotional movie with someone
Watch a thriller movie with someone
Sing with someone
Dance with someone
Go out for coffee with someone
Say I love you to others more often
Talk with a friend about how they are
Walk with a friend/s

Notice that these all involve others. This is because oxytocin is released when we have moments of emotional connection. Oxytocin is a necessary part of the emotional regulation system and this system is linked to voice hearing. When this system is out of balance, it causes distress. Knowing different ways to balance the system may help in coping with voice hearing.



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Oct 21, 2013
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Being nice to others, kind to others, supporting and understanding others and giving out hugs, for the win!